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Putting Styles & Stances

There are many different Putting Styles & Stances in Disc Golf. Circle One DGPG has incorporated the most common and uncommon putts into the game to create a real challenge for disc golfers interested in improving their skills around the disc golf basket. The following are the putts the game demands and instruction as to the grip, stance and stroke.

1. In-Line Putt: Standard putt with front foot behind marker and back foot in line with the front foot.
2. Straddle-Putt: Stance with feet perpendicular to the basket, shoulder width apart.
3. From-the-Knee: One knee position for putting under obstacles or on lower terrain.
4. Scoober-Putt: Backhand tomahawk throw released upside down.

5. Turbo-Putt: Palm-up grip, flicking the wrist like throwing a ball overhand.
6. Flick-Putt: Side-arm putt with thumb on top and fingers inside the disc.

Circle's Edge & Beyond
7. Step-Putt: Stepping through the putt for momentum 
8. Jump-Putt: A putt where the player leaps forward toward basket and both feet come off the ground.


Image credit: Disc Golf Pro Tour 

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Albert Tamm European Open


Brody Smith made this a thing. We are glad he did.


Long Jump Putt- full extend

Video Examples

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