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Who We Are & What We Do

Circle-One Disc Golf Putting Game  -  A Putting Game like no other...

We are carpenters and craftsmen, business owners and secretaries, we are chefs and artists, we are disc-golfers that run up and down the hills of Tennessee chaisin' chains and fightin' chiggers and ticks.

As avid disc-golfers we spend most of our time playing and promoting the Great Sport that is Disc-Golf- playing tournaments and tag-rounds with our disc golf community hunting down ace-pots and trying to navigate awesome wooded-lines.

During our work days here we are on the phone and computer to customers and vendors, on the assembly line or at the packing counter putting this game together to ship out to our favorite people everywhere. Other than that, we spend our time promoting Disc Golf and this wonderful game to the world. Circle-One Disc Golf Game is our name... Putting is the game!

The Story... 

As avid Disc-Golfers, proud PDGA members and lovers of our fantastic and ever-growing golf community, we had one goal on our minds when we set out to create the Circle-One Disc Golf Game; we were hoping we could develop a practice-game that would mimic the fun and excitement we find around every Disc-Golf Basket on every Putting Green on every Course. What we experience in that circle is hard to explain but once you feel it, you'll chase it for a lifetime. Throwing discs with your friends is a wonderful pass-time- we are together on the tee-box for a moment and then the journey begins. We throw our shots then we scatter into the fields and woods to find our disc and throw it again. But we all come back together in and around that circle to cheer one another on to what could be 'that' round where you brought it all together and finalized it with a great putt; either way; the fun is incredible! AND NOW it exists IN A GAME - the Circle One Disc Golf Putting Game.  


The "Circle" as we call it, is where the money is made, it is where the trophies are secured and where almost all of the pressure is found. The old adage is certainly true: "You Drive for Show and you Putt for Dough". The putting green is where we make or break, it's where we scream the loudest and it can be a place where all things come together for and incredible and memorable round of disc golf. 

This approximate radius of 33 feet around a disc golf basket is the place. This is the target when a disc golfer is aiming a shot on a par 3 or even a par four for the longer players. Because of the value of landing in the vicinity of the basket these disc golf shots are extremely important and must be taken advantage of by making that putt for birdie or eagle. We have all been there... It's taken all the skill you have to get a disc to land near that basket and the pressure is enormous! If it goes in, you win!  

So did we succeed? The Results are in! WE DID! As it turns out we were able to capture the pressure of being 'on-the-spot' and the player having to make different types of putts, from different distances, just to stay in the game. When we combined the element of a random dice-roll to our scoring-grid it all came together. And the Circle One Disc Golf Putting Game became an engaging and immersive game for disc-golf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.


This game is for everyone and can be played around any disc golf basket with a putter. All components included. Putter & Basket not included. It has been such a pleasure creating this game; we have had so much fun doing it, we were sure we had a winner but we had to see for ourselves and... We do! But we need YOU to tell US what YOU think. Order a Circle One Disc-Golf Putting Game when they are available, Roll The Dice and see if you have what it takes to Master The Circle. Good Luck and... Great Putt!

Thank You  

Enjoy The Game!

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